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Flying, Floating and Transitions Ashtanga Workshop – 4/28 & 5/12

Heidi Schubert holds Flying Floating and Transitions workshopWant those smooth transitions in your yoga practice that make you look and feel as light as a feather? We all want to be able to jump forward softly, jump through effortlessly and do this all with strength and lightness.  This can be very difficult as the most challenging part of ashtanga yoga is the vinyasa… including floating and jumping back, forward and through. In this 75 minute workshop Heidi will break the vinyasa down into its basic components and explore techniques for creating greater lightness and efficiency while using less effort to achieve greater ease in your practice. Together we will use assisted exercises and methods to build awareness of how our body should be aligned and work our way up to practicing these transitions independently in a new, demystified way.  Inspired by ashtanga yoga guru David Swenson, Heidi was so amazed by what she learned from him at the recent Ashtanga Yoga Confluence that she had to share it with her fellow beloved yogis!

This is a great workshop for those who have been practicing ashtanga or vinyasa yoga for at least 6 months.  Some basic understanding of the vinyasa and surya namaskar A (sun salutation) should be known.  This is also a great workshop for yoga teachers who werent able to attend the recent Ashtanga Yoga Confluence and simply want a better understanding of how to guide your students through their vinyasa with grace, ease, and lightness! We will be doing some asana exercises with a partner for better assistance and feedback, however you dont need to bring a partner with you, we can simply pair up in the class.

Heidi likes to make her workshops super open, light hearted, and with lots of laughter! Be ready to take your practice to that next level and simply have a fantastic time doing it!!

Happening from 1-2:15pm at Frog’s Fitness- April 28 in Encinitas and May 12 in Solana Beach

cost is $14 for Frog’s Fitness members and $21 for non-members (non members will receive a free day pass to return!) Also, if you come on 4/28 you can attend 5/12 for 50% off! You can simply show up and pay at the front desk

**please arrive 10-15 minutes early to ensure time to sign up and get settled into the space on time, you wont want to miss a thing!**

Here is an example of an amazing ashtanga teacher doing incredibly graceful jump through’s and jump backs, so inspiring!!

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