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Ubud Experiences

Fields now dug for villas 🙁

These first two weeks in Ubud, Bali have been incredible. Things are changing here, but the overall feeling is the same. Rice fields are slowly being transformed into large villa complexes, houses, and hotels; people are pouring in, crowding the streets and causing traffic as well as prices . . . → Read More: Ubud Experiences

Tulamben: Diving the USS Liberty Wreck

After our second, five-day trip to Nusa Lembongan, Jason and I only had a couple of hours to switch out our dirty clothes, drop off our surfboards, grab lunch, and head out from Ubud towards Tulamben, a small village on the Northeast coast of Bali. At first we were planning to spend the weekend in . . . → Read More: Tulamben: Diving the USS Liberty Wreck

Ubud- A Sensory Connection

As you all know, my boyfriend Jason and I have been in Ubud, Bali (pronounced ooh-bood, as we were quickly corrected), an island in the archipelago of Indonesia between China and Australia, for almost 4 days now. I have described to you all briefly what our experience in the first 48 hours has been like, . . . → Read More: Ubud- A Sensory Connection