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Pravritti-Nivritti and Finding a Suitable Practice

Emil and I in Bali this year

This is an article written by my good friend, yogi, and yoga teacher Tania Plahay who lives in London. She is a really beautiful and inspiring person, and I thought that I should share this article with all of you since I think it is really important . . . → Read More: Pravritti-Nivritti and Finding a Suitable Practice

Reflections on Bali

Last year as I was leaving Bali, I actually started to cry on the plane as we were taking off, overlooking the beautiful ocean that surrounds Denpasar airport. I told myself at the time that it was because I was devastated at leaving one of the most beautiful places I had ever been, a place . . . → Read More: Reflections on Bali

The Global Mala

The Global Mala for Peace project was created by Shiva Rea in 1997 with the intention of joining yoga studios across the world “to form a ‘mala around the earth’ through collective practices based upon the sacred cycle of 108 on Sept. 19th or 20th, the Fall Equinox, as the yoga world’s offering to further . . . → Read More: The Global Mala