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Spring Cleaning Detoxing Tips

In yoga (and life) we say that “our body is our temple.” This is one fact that I’ve learned is incredibly true. No matter what I do, I know that how I feel directly correlates to what I put in my body…. for the most part anyways. Example: As many of you know, I love . . . → Read More: Spring Cleaning Detoxing Tips

Spring Cleaning Ashtanga Yoga

An Intro to Primary Series w/Bonus Workshop on Transitions! with Heidi Schubert, assisted by Shane Robson

Ashtanga yoga was introduced to westerners by the late Shri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India as early as the 60’s. Many of his students were some of the first westerners to bring this tradition back to their . . . → Read More: Spring Cleaning Ashtanga Yoga

Why Do We “Om” in Yoga?

If you’ve ever taken a yoga class with me, you’ll know that I always end my classes with one, joined “om” (aum). This is always simply an invitation for everyone to join me, and of course is not mandatory. Many people do not chant Om, which is 100% fine if that does not resonate . . . → Read More: Why Do We “Om” in Yoga?