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Manifesting the Future you Desire

January is the month of making resolutions: I want to be healthy this year, I want to make more money, I want to meet a new boy/girlfriend, I want to improve my relationships, and so on and so forth.  We find that the beginning of a new year can mean the beginning of a new way of life, a time to make the changes we really want to make when in the past we have been too busy/lazy/complacent to make them.  However, in the few months to follow most people will start falling off the wagon, not able to stick to the resolutions they so enthusiastically set for themselves 0n January first.

Now I am not by any means necessary saying that we all are incapable of following through with New Year’s resolutions, there are many people who change their lives and stick to these goals.  But the sad truth is, the majority of us aren’t those people.  So why is it that we are unable to stick to what it is that we really want to achieve/attain in our lives? That question is actually a pretty simple one to answer: because most of us don’t really know what it is we ACTUALLY want.  Really? YES.  The problem with resolutions are that they are usually super vague, allowing us to cheat and make excuses or not really clarify our goals.  Example: I want to lose weight this year.  This is probably the most common resolution of them all, a testament to why all gyms and exercise studios are super busy the first couple weeks of the year.  But you need to CLARIFY your goal… How much weight to you want to lose? Exactly, in pounds/kilos? How often do you want to work out? What methods do you want to use to lose weight? Diet? Exercise? See, the possibilities are endless, and this is where the confusion sets in…

The other problem is that we usually write our goals down once on a little piece of paper and then tuck it away, never returning to them again and easily forgetting about them.  Old bad habits are hard to break my friend, and from my experience we need tons of motivation to get past them.  Its actually been proven that people who write daily journals and diaries with their goals WRITTEN DOWN on a regular basis have more success in making those goals a reality.  So now its time to get to the point of this whole blog…

Last year in January, a fellow teacher and friend Katie Brauer introduced me to something called a manifestation manual (link to purchase on right) during a 30-day challenge I was doing.  I started flipping through it and I’ll be honest, it all seemed pretty cheesy to me.  But, I was willing to try it and see what happened.  I started jotting down my goals, what I was grateful for, where I see myself in 5 years, etc, everyday.  At first it took me awhile to fill out the entries, because what I realized was that I really didnt know what I wanted SPECIFICALLY in my life when it came to my goals and where I saw myself going.  I thought I knew, but when I went to write it down my mind was blank.  Then the picture became more clear in my head.  I could actually envision myself in this future, where all of these things had already come true.  I continued on with this for a few months…

Now, one year later, looking back at this manifestation manual, its actually incredible how many of these things have come true in my life.  Ok, maybe I didnt win the HGTV Dream Home I really wanted, but I am teaching over 16 yoga classes a week, have successful classes with wonderful students, and Jason has had a lucrative bar job as well as an online bartending school business that has been doing extremely well.  It really has opened my eyes… all you have to do is figure out what you want, write it down aka put it out in the universe, and you will automatically start to do things that make those things come true! It sounds crazy, I know, but this January I challenge you to spend only 30 days writing down what it is you really want in your life, then maybe look back 6 months from now and see where you are.  Here are the questions I asked myself every day:

Today, [date], is a clean slate for me to enjoy. As long as I can choose my thoughts, I can choose what I attract and create in my life.

Starting today, my ongoing intention is to find [adjective ie relaxing, empowering, etc]  ways to             [intention]             .

1. Appreciate what you already have, when you do this, life brings even more for you to appreciate. [ie I am so grateful….. I feel so fortunate…]

2. Choose how you love to feel. I love it when I feel                       . When I feel this way, ____________ which makes it easier for me to ____________.

3. Play wildly and picture yourself living the “life of your dreams” as though it were already so, and if money were no object (write down).

4. Ask your higher power for guidance. Dear ____[your higher power]____ and all who walk with me in Love and light, thank you for your perfect guidance, unconditional love, and ongoing support.  If it is in the highest good for me and for all life everywhere, please divinely orchestrate the following in just the perfect time: [please list your requests]

I completely __________ all worries, doubts, and fears to you, __[higher power]__ As I trust you to take care of the details, everything naturally falls into place for me with amazing ease.

5. Let go of anything negative. I am now ready to __[adjective ie release]     and let go of ___[fear]____   plus all issues, known and unknown, that prevent me from living my best life now.  This act of releasing allows me to _______[action]__________.

6. Ask your inner wisdom for advice. Dear ________ Please make it easier for me to move forward in my life by providing wise advice as I ask the following question: [write question]

Write down answers you receive without judgement. Also, write a tentative date when you plan to take these actions.

7. Be kind to yourself. As a special treat today, I give myself permission to ________________.

8. Be kind to others. My special way of being kind to someone else is to __________________.

Accept Life’s Gifts: (say aloud) With enormous gratitude, I now agree to accept these and even greater gifts in just the perfect time in ways that benefit all life everywhere. Then sign your name at the bottom of your manifestation for the day!

Good luck manifesting the life your desire and more importantly, the life you DESERVE!! 🙂

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