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The Problem of Too Much “Stuff”

Do you ever look around your room, apartment, house, etc. and wonder how exactly you ended up with so much junk that you never use? I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a “hoarder,” but I definitely have had this epiphany more than a few times.  I’ll end up buying clothes here or there, a purse every once in while, sports equipment, and all sorts of things, and before I know it I have 12 pairs of jeans (half of which I never wear anymore), 6 purses, a 5 old surfboards from ten years ago.  Alright, alright you get it, I have too much “stuff” lying around, but who cares? The truth is, a lot of other people care who don’t have a lot of stuff, and it is amazing how true the statement that one persons trash is another person’s treasure really is.


After coming back from a long trip, I have found myself unemployed and a little tight on cash.  I think that a lot of people are in a similar situation right now with the current economy looming.  Then add that the holidays are now upon us which means lots of gift buying and money spending, which can definitely load on stress.  While thinking about my options on how to make some money, I suddenly realized how much stuff I have lying around that I’ve been holding on for one purpose or another and that I rarely or never use.  I decided that enough was enough and I had to make some serious decisions about whether I wanted to hold onto this stuff or get rid of it permanently.  So, I rounded up all of my no longer worn clothes, shoes, sports equipment, and more, and started selling.

Its amazing how easily you can take some pictures, throw them up on ebay or facebook, and sell your items.  Or, you can have a huge garage sale for serious house clean-outs and get rid of it all at one time.  I did this earlier in the year and made enough money to remodel a bedroom into my now private yoga studio.  When you sell your old stuff, its really a win win situation.  You win because you get some cash out of something that you probably never use anymore, and the buyer wins because they get something they want at a fraction of the cost it would be brand new.

The point of this post is to help everyone realize how much “stuff” we hold onto, too afraid to give up anything in case we may need it one day.  It’s engrained in us to want to keep a lot of material things and that what we have materialistically is a direct reflection of our self-worth.  But the fact is that we really don’t need this stuff, we can get rid of it, make some money to help ourselves out, and help others get what they need.  It also is good for our environment to promote re-use rather than buying tons of new things all of the time, using our precious resources and energy.  so, if you’re running short on cash this holiday season, take a good look around and see what trash of yours could be made into someone else’s treasure, and start selling!

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1 comment to The Problem of Too Much “Stuff”

  • Marge

    Did family members not visit because you had too much stuff? How would you feel about that? Not love unconditionally…It has happened to me. I feel just awful. Has taken me awhile to slot that disappointment in my brain. I dont invite anyone now. I live in my apt/home the way I want to. Im an artist, and objects very often go up and down on walls, become re-created into other objects…stored for a possible another use. I never had a partner, so I needed to figure out things myself…not all that successfully. I have a great many things. But, I believed in an unconditional love of family. Its not the case in my family. I pulled away, quietly. Keepy my home the way that it is . I dont invite, but accept invites for special occasions to other homes. Its the way that it is. Any comments?

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