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Maki International Fund Raiser: 11/16/12

Wednesday November 16th, 5-8pm @ Del Mar Powerhouse, 1658 Coast Blvd.

I am currently involved with a company started by my boss (from Martha’s Creative Gardens and Landscapes) called Maki International. Maki is a non-profit organization that seeks to empower women in Ayacucho, Peru through viable enterprise. I cannot tell you the amazing . . . → Read More: Maki International Fund Raiser: 11/16/12

Staying Committed to Your Practice

I have been what I would consider a dedicated practitioner of yoga for almost 8 years now. I found yoga while attending college at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, looking for new ways to workout at stay in shape (as Im sure many of us do in the beginning). When I graduated from Cal . . . → Read More: Staying Committed to Your Practice

Is Yoga the Perfect Workout?

Yoga has emerged in Western culture as a workout solution to maintain a lean, flexible and strong body. We get a lot of flack in the west for taking only the physical (asana) part of yoga practice as being all that yoga has to offer, where many people (east and west) would say that this . . . → Read More: Is Yoga the Perfect Workout?