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Sanskrit Chant/Prayer

 We recently learned a beautiful sanskrit chant that is sung before or after doing asana practice.  It is a more spiritual part of yoga then what westerners are used to, but I thought it had a really great meaning that can apply to most religions and beliefs so I thought I would share it with . . . → Read More: Sanskrit Chant/Prayer

An Indulgent Lifestyle

Although my trip here in Bali is primarily aimed at completing this six week yoga teacher training course, I have found that I have a hard time not living a completely indulgent life. Of course the schedule is quite busy and rigorous during the week, with a very physical first three and a half hours . . . → Read More: An Indulgent Lifestyle

Shakti Spirit Yoga Training: Week 1

As you may know from reading my previous posts, my main purpose for coming to Bali for this extended period of time is to spend 6 weeks in a yoga teacher training program. Many people have asked how the training is going and now that I am finished with week one, I thought it would . . . → Read More: Shakti Spirit Yoga Training: Week 1